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Dual-strain performs well in all conditions and temperatures

For grapevine pruning disease control

The same unique blend of two highly active Trichoderma strains makes Bio-Tam® a powerful biofungicide for management of grapevine trunk and pruning diseases like ESCA, in both conventional and organic grapes.

By colonizing the pruning wounds, Trichoderma forms a shield that prevents pathogenic fungi from spreading within the plant.

  • Strains selected for high activity against fungi responsible for grapevine pruning diseases
  • Worker-friendly product featuring 4-hour REI and zero-day PHI
  • Delivers stable great performance in a wide range of environmental conditions, as low as 44.6 degrees F.
  • Excellent IPM partner


Product Overview

Bio-Tam® is a unique blend of two highly active Trichoderma strains, proven to deliver preventative activity against several key soil-borne diseases. By using two different strains, Bio-Tam® provides consistent performance across a wider range of environmental conditions (soil temperature, soil pH, organic matter) when compared to single species formulations.

  • Broad-spectrum disease control, across a wide variety of crops
  • Consistent performance across a wide range of soil temperatures and pH conditions
  • Dormant spores allow for a best in class shelf life of 15 months
  • An outstanding formulation with high wettability and dispersibility, that won’t clog machinery and does not require constant agitation
  • 4-hour REI
  • Zero-day PHI
  • OMRI-Listed for organic production

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